La Teppe institute, a place of welcome, care and life,
specialized in epilepsy and mental health

A unique establishment in France

Founded in 1856, La Teppe was the first institution in Europe to offer a special care for people suffering from epilepsy. This original experience has earned it national recognition. La Teppe welcomes patients from all over France and actively collaborates with many stakeholders in the sector (hospitals, doctors, researchers, etc.). In 2012, the creation of the National Resource Center for rare disabilities associated with severe epilepsy was created.
In response to the needs of the region, the scope of Institut La Teppe’s activities has expanded to include a number of different activities. A psychiatry center dedicated to women’s mental health was created, as well as medical and social structures providing a suitable living environment for people with disabilities and epilepsy. All these activities have been completed by the creation of two retirement homes.

An expertise focused on innovation

Thanks to its experience and practice, Institut La Teppe now has undeniable expertise in neurology and psychiatry. In particular, it favors projects and initiatives aimed at reducing the burden of disability in the lives of its patients affected by serious and complex pathologies.
La Teppe Institute also sees itself as a research and innovation laboratory, actively participating in the transfer of certain research results to patients. This capacity to improve good clinical practices is based on the competence and multidisciplinary nature of its teams and on a unique network of partnerships in the Rhône-Alpes region and throughout France, involving medical doctors, professionals, researchers and higher education institutions.

25, avenue de la Bouterne - CS 9721
26602 - Tain l'Hermitage Cedex
Tél.: 04 75 07 59 59
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